February 2, 2022

Shop online with Cool Stuf

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It’s easy to place an order on our website. No need to pay online – just shop and order – we will then contact you with payment options.

Here’s a beginner’s guide.

  1. Choose your category and product from the menu at the top of the page. In this example we are ordering the Apple Watch Series 7.

2. Click on the desired product and go through to view more details. Then click “ADD TO CART”.

3. You can then click on “VIEW CART” or continue shopping. In this case we just want the Apple Watch Series 7.

4. You will then go through to a summary of your order. Click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

5. You’re almost done! Just add your contact information to finalise your order…

6. … then click “PLACE ORDER”. Your order will then be sent to our customer service team who will contact you with a quotation and payment/delivery options. It’s that easy!

Happy shopping and thanks for choosing Cool Stuf!

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The rapid rise of Solid State Drive (SSD)

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SSD is an acronym for Solid State Drive and it has quickly become the storage device of choice for a few very good reasons. If your laptop or desktop needs some extra oomph and memory space then it’s time to opt for a SSD to replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Here is why you should consider SSD.

1. Speed 
Because of the fact that there is no any mechanical parts in SSDs, it performs fast operations. A normal SSD is about 25-100x faster than a traditional HDD. This paves the way for faster boot times, file transfer, application loading and other basic computing works. Moreover all the read/write functions takes place inside the flash memory chips. Due to this the normal read/write functions are better and faster compared to a HDD.

2. Durability 

Another advantage is its durability. As there is no any physical components in SSD, it is not affected by external traumas. Therefore, it is more durable and resistant to drops and shudders. Perhaps even in the event of dropping, SSDs will not face any data losses making it more data secure. 

3. Compact 
There is a certain limit for the size that can be manufactured in HDD but in SSDs there is no such limitations. Due to the lack of moving parts, a SSD is more compact than a HDD. Because of their compact nature they are most suited for portable electronic devices. Therefore, whenever a portable electronic device such as ultrabook and tablets need the use of storage medium then SSDs will be the best option. 

4. Less Noise 
Due to the constant rotation of the metal platters and the movement of read/write arms, there is a frequent noise produced by the HDD. But unlike in a HDD there is no metal platters and read/write arms in SSDs. Therefore, when the SSDs are in operations it produces no noise at all. The noise value of SSDs have found to be 0 decibels. 

5. Power Consumption 
Unlike a HDD where it relies upon the magnetic coated platters disks for read/write functioning, there is no any moving parts in involved in SSDs. Because of this it generally consumes less power. Since there is no much power consumed by the SSDs it is considered to be highly energy efficient and less heat dissipation. 

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