Power issues

Posted On: June 28, 2021

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In Papua New Guinea power interruptions are as common as sun up and sun down – and often more frequent.

In a recent edition of the Post-Courier newspaper it was reported that there were 70 power outages in the space of one week throughout PNG.

That’s an average of ten a day!


Imagine the total cost of loss of productivity, loss of equipment and livelihood, not to mention personal suffering and hardship.

Blackouts and brown outs have become an annoying and sad fact of life – even in the capital city.

From the perspective of protecting your expensive electronics, associated data, security systems and work-flow we suggest you immediately consider an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

That is, if you haven’t already.

A UPS is a battery-based backup power supply unit that provides your home or business with electricity during power outages (blackout) or an unacceptable level of voltage drop (brownout).

A UPS will also protect your equipment from power surges, providing a consistent and even power supply.

In such events a UPS will quickly switch to batteries and restore the power that your equipment requires. This gives you an opportunity to save your data safely or keep on working (if your UPS system is large enough or if the outage is not of a long duration).

Depending on the system, the transition time could be from a few milliseconds to an instant for an online version.

It will at least give you time to save your work, data and maintain a healthy breathing space to cope with the power disruption.

Even if you have a back-up gen-set, the generator by itself will not power your equipment fast enough in order to provide protection.

We all know that generators take a while to kick-in.

A generator in conjunction with the UPS system will help you avoid such a power failure gap.

Cool Stuf offers the following UPS solutions through our “long-time” supply partner Long Time Electronic Corporation.

Founded in 1988, Long Time Corp. is based in New Taipei City, the technology capital of Taiwan.

New Taipei City is among the top three cities in the global market in terms of IT product production volume, securing more than 50% of the global market share for products such as motherboards, notebooks, LCD monitors and CRT monitors.

Now on to our available UPS systems.

Line-interactive UPS

The LTER/LTCR Series features Line Interactive UPSs and is ideal for small network equipment, small office application, POS and CCTV systems.

With a microprocessor control, the LTER/LTCR Series transfers to emergency battery backup power immediately in the event of an outage without losing data.

The models have an LED panel and LCD panel, and built-in AVR stabilize output voltage to protect your equipment being damaged. Moreover, its CCCV battery charger is designed to shorten the battery recharged time when the battery is fully discharged.

This type of UPS system conditions and regulates AC power by removing spikes and surges that could damage your equipment. It also has the ability to recharge your batteries in standby mode, thus making sure that they are always ready to take on a load.

Line-interactive UPSs are generally used to power small-size commercial electronics, small to medium size networking equipment, and servers.

LUC Series UPS

The LUC Series – 1KVA / 3KVA is pure sine wave, double conversion on line UPS and is ideal for medical equipment, server, ATM/ADM, stereo system, security system.

The LUC Series – 1KVA / 3KVA has high efficiency operation, true isolation, input power factor correction and superior output voltage regulation. Its wide input range, Utility voltage from 55VAC – 150VAC (110V) or 110VAC – 300VAC (220V), is very suitable for a voltage unstable area. The LUC Series – 1KVA / 3KVA has maintenance bypass switch (3KVA) which allows you to repair the UPS without switching off your critical loads. Other functions such as ECO, EPO, frequency convertible, output voltage settable make the LUC Series – 1KVA / 3KVA a better choice for a larger workload.


The TPS Series is a Pure Sine Wave, DC to AC Power Inverter, and is ideal for boating, caravans, field work and emergency power where a battery is the primary source of power.

With advanced digital signal processing technology, the TPS Series has multiple functions such as power turbo mode, power saving mode, adjustable output voltage, and fan speed control. Its outstanding protection includes input DC polarity-reversed protection, input DC over/under voltage protection, internal over-temperature protection, overload protection and output short circuit protection. The TPS Series of inverters also has RS232 communication port which allows you to monitor its status.

Industrial On-line UPS Systems

Cool Stuf can also supply industrial on-line UPS systems; as well as inverters for solar-power systems. To request a quote please email us with a full job specification: