Celebrating 45 Years of Apple

Posted On: June 2, 2021

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On April 1, 2021 Apple celebrated its 45th anniversary with a simple tweet from CEO Tim Cook acknowledging the journey and vision of the late Steve Jobs:

As Apple celebrates 45 years today, I’m reminded of Steve’s words from many years ago: “It’s been an amazing journey so far, yet we have barely begun.” Thanks to every member of our Apple family for all you’ve done to enrich lives. Here’s to the next 45 years & beyond!

A real American success story, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the home of Jobs’ parents in California in April 1976. Ronald Wayne was also there at the start but opted out after only 12 days.

It wasn’t all easy-going. To cut a long story short, the early success of Apple in the 80s was eaten away by a number of factors and by the mid-90s the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Steve Jobs had actually been forced out of Apple in the mid-80s, but the crisis of the mid-90s opened the door for his return.

The rest is history.

Jobs became CEO in 1997 and quickly returned Apple to profitability launching the “Think Different” campaign, and products such as the iMac and iPod and a retail chain of Apple stores in 2001. In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone.

In August 2011 Jobs was forced to resign as CEO due to ill health and Tim Cook took over as CEO.

Jobs died on October 5, 2011 – marking an end of an era at Apple.

While 2021 is the 45th anniversary of Apple, it also marks the tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing.

Yet his legacy remains stronger than ever. In 2020 Apple’s worldwide revenue totalled US$274.5 billion. It is the world’s largest tech company and the world’s most valuable company. In August last year Apple was valued in excess of US $2 trillion.

To celebrate the remarkable story of Apple, Cool Stuf is dedicating the month of June to focus on available Apple products in our range in Papua New Guinea.

We have been proud resellers of the brand over many years.

Apple products are extremely high quality, highly aspirational and highly efficient products. To many in Papua New Guinea they are also highly expensive.

Cool Stuf prides itself on being able to cater for all sectors of the market in PNG. So while Apple is certainly at the top end, we also have more affordable products that cater for other budgets and needs.

Bringing Apple products into PNG has been a passion and challenge for us. Exchange rate and forex issues, and other factors, prohibit us from importing large volumes – so it is a constant struggle between demand and supply.

That said, we remain committed to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Here are some Apple products that are currently available.

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