September 1, 2020

Here’s to good health

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Samsung Health is loaded with features and the good news is you can install Health from the Play Store on most Android phones, although it does tend to offer more to Samsung users.

And it’s FREE!

Samsung Health is more than just a glorified step or calorie tracker. It can track your weight, calorie intake/burn, steps, runs, heart rate, stress levels, caffeine intake, blood pressure, sleep, blood glucose, bike rides, hikes, and a lot more.

On the main page you will find weight management and the built-in step counter. These are the features that are most likely going to be used. But at the foot of the page you can explore ways to add more to your menu, so to speak.

Using the “Manage Items” button brings up everything you can add. Pick and choose what works for you, and that info will show up on the main screen. Food, water, caffeine, sleep, blood pressure, blood glucose and so on. For women there’s also a women’s health item.

It’s worth noting that some of the things here don’t use the phone to get their data—like blood pressure or glucose, for example. This feature assumes you have a third party monitor to track this particular data, and then you input it to your Health app manually.

It’s also likely that you can find apps that work with external devices (like blood pressure monitors) and also sync with the Health app so you can track things more automatically.

In the menu you can also explore things such as fitness programs, partner apps, compatible access, and promotions.

There’s a wealth of information and possibilities packed into the Samsung Health app that can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help better manage your health and well-being – and it has never been as relevant as now.  

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