Posted On: May 26, 2020

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The good old-fashioned two-way radio, or walkie-talkie has been around for decades, in fact over a century. As early as 1907 two-way telegraphy traffic across the Atlantic Ocean was commercially available. With the advent of World War 1 (1914-18) military application of two-way communication saw rapid advancements.

Fast-forward one hundred years and push-to-talk (PTT) technology has evolved by taking two-way radio technology and marrying it to the internet.


Push to Talk (PTT) is a method of voice communication that allows you to simply press a button for instant and secure talk.

PTT works on many types of devices, dedicated PTT devices, smartphones and even computers.

Like walkie-talkie, you can talk to many devices at once, or privately one-to-one.


Cool Stuf has partnered with Tycon Technology Ltd to supply cutting-edge PTT and Two-Ray radio technology for unparalleled nation-wide coverage over Digicel’s mobile network.

We now offer intuitive and easy to use systems, built for business, leveraging the internet, cellular data, and wi-fi networks to transmit voice over the internet.

It is not just the instant talk capability of two-way but also live GPS personnel tracking, vehicle tracking and emergency SOS alert notifications ensuring best-possible workforce collaboration, safety, security and dispatch management.

There are also added benefits: PPT technology is proven to be more cost-effective, the devices more robust and yet light- weight compared to traditional walkie-talkies, and with clearer communication.

In summary PPT is a smart solution for a variety of industries, sectors and applications – security, manufacturing, construction, transportation, mining, law enforcement, and emergency services.

Prices for the Inrico brand hand-held devices start from K590.