Cool Stuff for Father’s Day

Posted On: August 30, 2016

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Most dads would be happy to get a kiss and a hug for Father’s Day. After all, love costs nothing and it’s the greatest gift of all.

But if your budget stretches a little further and you want to make him feel extra special here’s a few of our greatest hits from 2016.



Dad is going to feel like a kid again playing with one of these high-tech drones. DJI’s most popular offering is the Phantom series and the company’s best model aimed at consumers and enthusiasts is the Phantom 3 Professional, which flies through the air via an easy-to-use remote control and records stabilized 4K footage with a wide-angle lens.


The Phantom 3 Professional is a white quadcopter, with four pylons (each with a rotor), a bottom-mounted camera, and landing struts.

The drone measures about 23 inches from wingtip to wingtip and weighs just under 3 pounds.

LED lights at the bottom of each wing help you keep track of it in the air. It’s easy enough to attach the propellers with your fingers—the motors and rotors are both color-coded to ensure proper installation.

It’s bound to get Dad out of the house, and probably hovering somewhere above your neighbor’s backyard.



Smartphones keep hitting the market and they keep getting smarter. These days you get more bang for your buck.

Moto are one company that is narrowing the gap between high-end features and affordability.

Earlier this year Motorola – owned by Lenovo – launched a triplet of new phones in the very popular Moto G family – the Moto G4, the Moto G4 Play and the Moto G4 Plus.


The Moto G4 Plus is positioned as the premium product in the line-up and a step-up from its Moto G4 Play sibling.

The two devices have much in common including a 5.5 inch 1080p screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 with 2GB of RAM, a 3,000mAh battery, and a 16MP camera.

At the higher end of the smartphone price spectrum is the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The two have everything in common except for the S7 Edge’s larger battery and screen size, and the S7’s conventional display versus the Edge’s curved screen (plus “edge” software navigation bar). Ask someone that has the S6 Edge and they will extol the virtues of the side navigation bar. Screen size of the S7 Edge is 5.5 inches versus S7 5.1 inches. Besides that it really is a matter of taste and budget.

The most remarkable new features of both models is that they now carry an IP certification for water and dust resistance, as well as expandable storage.

As with all phones in PNG, be a smart buyer and go for a phone with dual SIM. Having two SIM cards in one phone is like having a safety net. If one SIM card isn’t picking up a signal, then there is always a chance the other will.

In Papua New Guinea there are two mobile networks and they both offer different benefits. By having a smartphone that supports two SIM cards you have the freedom of choosing features that work best for you across both platforms. So Dad can harness the power, allowances and coverage of more than one network.

Now he has no excuse for not keeping in touch.



A Luminox watch is going to make Dad feel like going commando.

Luminox is held in such high esteem that the watches are used by the US Coast Guard, US Air Force, United States Navy SEALs, and a variety of other special forces, professional divers and EMS teams worldwide.

Luminox-watchesLuminox markets its range watches across four different categories: sea, air, land and yes – even in the darkest of environments – space.

Luminox gets its name from its legendary luminescence – the name comes from Latin: lumi for light and nox for night.

Luminox watches are advertised to possess “always visible technology” and glow in any light condition. The watch hands and markers contain tritium insets which provide the long-term luminescence, as opposed to phosphorescent markers used in other watches, which must be charged by a light source.

So Dad can keep time in the bright of day or the dark of night, with a watch built tough for PNG that will last him a lifetime.



We all know PNG is notorious for power blackouts. Well, here’s a few tools that will come in handy for Dad when faced with those awkward moments.

NiteCore make the world’s brightest flashlights – they are ultra-bright, super effective, easy to use and waterproof up to 2m. The ‘tiny monster’ range are hand-sized units that belt out up to a whopping 3,500 – 4,000 lumens, depending on the model. Its thermal protection circuit prevents it from overheating from all that power.

That’s a lot of light that will help Dad with any repairs during times of darkness.

If he needs to find the right tool, well the Leatherman Charge has got just about everything he will need in one.

It’s like having a tool-kit in your pocket, although Dad probably thinks he has one of those already.

But Dad, this one is a multi-tool.

The AL version is upgraded with stronger pliers, diamond-coated files, and aluminum alloy handles.

It also includes scissors that slice through just about anything, with beveled edges that allow them to get extra close to whatever you’re cutting.

Bit drivers for versatility, diamond-coated files for detailed work, and a 154CM clip-point knife are all housed in 6061-T6, hard-anodized aluminum alloy handles.

From a survival standpoint, it has almost everything Dad will need in one tool.